BUBBA SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Dylan The Server From Eat N Park

August 21, 2019

Dylan has been a server at Eat n Park for 2 1/2 months.  This past weekend he did an amazing act of kindness with a 91-year-old guest.

It blew up all over social media!!!

Dylan, who lives in Belle Vernon woke up early to join us Wednesday morning to talk about the Facebook post that went viral.

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He says he has only been working at Eat ‘n Park for a little over two months and when the older gentleman came in and just told him he wanted chicken.

“We have so many options of chicken I kind of felt like maybe he doesn’t get out much so I got on my knee because he had trouble hearing and tried to help him figure out what he wanted and after I got him his drink I came back and he started telling me a couple stories,” said Dylan.

The man ended up ordering grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and of course, a slice of apple pie.

Dylan said the World War II veteran was “sharp as a tack” and was happy to listen to his stories.

You have to listen to Dylan’s story below!