Bubba's Fav Woman Shows Off On Instagram

Halle Berry Celebrates Her Birthday

August 15, 2019


Halle Berry posted this on her Instagram account the other day.  At 53 my words to her are GO GIRL!  She is stunning and if she wants to post that she can and should feel comfortable.  This is how she wanted to cherish another year on earth for her bday!  NO BRA CLUB shirt!

Here it is!  I can confidently say that she rocks a body at 53 better than most 23 year olds.  But, look...I know it isn't all about BODY and raising TWO girls I need to make that evidently clear on the daily... BUT BUT BUT BUT... I also want them to love their bodies at size 2 or size 22.  Be proud.  Love it.  Flaunt it if you want!  In a good way though.  HA!

Leveled up, Circa ‘66.

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