The Cheese Is BACK At Kennywood!

May 15, 2019

So yesterday on Bubba Show Melanie and I started talking about the fact that Kennywood changed the cheese at the Potato Patch.
Blasphemy we said!!!
Our Bubba Show Family that have already been to Kennywood called and complained that the cheese had changed, it wasn't the same, it was watery and tasted different!

Now....Mel and I LOVE Kennywood!  That ya gotta know!

But like all people born and raised in Pittsburgh, there are some things that should never change!

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The cheese at the Potato Patch is one of them!

I coach South Fayette High School baseball, and the head coach (Ken Morgan) is the biggest fan I know of Kennywood!
If anyone would know if the "new" cheese was maybe better than the "original" cheese he would know.
So we talked to him on the radio and he confirmed that the original cheese was better.

So, as good Pittsburghers we pushed on!!!

It did not take long.   Kennywood heard your cries for change (or in this case...lack of change). See their response here.

Now some would like to take credit for getting Kennywood to go back to their original cheese, but not us.  You get all the credit.  You spoke. Kennywood listened!!!