Eddie The Duck Has Sadly Passed Away

Everyone Loved Eddie The Duck

July 23, 2019

Such sad news. Eddie The Duck has passed away.  I'm so very sad and his owner BJ is just so overwhelming sad too.  My mom bought the duck for my girls in June of 2016.  Eddie needed a better farm living lifestyle and we found BJ a friend and neighbor close to us who took him and gave him the most amazing home!  He was the best duck Dad ever!

Eddie developed a tumor and went down hill pretty fast.  My girls are just so upset, but Eddie passed away peacefully with his owner BJ on July 22nd.  BJ took the most amazing care of him and treated him like his own kid!  He had him in his shop at The Gun Rack in West Newton and so many people would stop in and see him.

Here are some amazing pictures and memories of him.  I surprised Bubba one day and brought him in with BJ for an Anything Goes Friday. 

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