Exclusive: The Real Paige Davis With Melanie Taylor In New York

Paige Davis With Melanie Taylor

March 27, 2018
paige davis and melanie taylor

Melanie Taylor

Paige Davis is an actor, broadway star and TV host.. to name a few.  But, the REAL Paige Davis is an amazing woman who is sweet, kind and awesome!  

Paige was and is the host of TLC's Trading Spaces which is BACK on April 7th at 8pm on TLC.  I was a huge fan of the show years ago and all the original designers are back too!  Check out Paige's great interview where she was just featured in People magazine.  Read it and see the video here. 

When she is in Pittsburgh doing shows or supporting her husband Patrick who is an actor, she stays with her folks in Mt. Lebanon and comes on Bubba Show to be a host with us!  She loves radio & she is now a Bubba Show family member for life!

When I told Paige I was planning on being in NY with my family in March she told me to reach out to her.  I have a hard time doing that without feeling stalker-ish.  HA!  But, I followed my gut and did it.  Do you know that Paige rearranged her day to meet my family and hang with us for over 3 hours!  She met us for lunch at Carmine's in Times Square and then took us via the subway to the Empire State Building and showed us around.  She even bought my two girls cupcakes and my one daughter a GLUTEN free one to not feel left out!  What big star does this?  Paige Davis.

We talked in length at lunch about our visit the day prior to the 9-11 memorial site.  My 8 year old had cried the day before after visiting it and my 13 year old had so many questions.  It is overwhelming and breathtaking and emotional to see in person.  When my 8 year old asked Paige "Do you think this will happen again or while we are visiting NY?"  Paige gazed at her and paused and said "Oh honey, we sure hope not, but we never know some answers, but we are safer than we have ever been now in NY because of that day."  Paige was traveling home from Boston on that day in 2001 she said.

When my oldest daughter was scooping up her pasta at Carmine's (gluten free and it was DELICIOUS) she asked Paige "Why is everyone seem rude and push and shove so much on the streets walking in NY?"

Paige just chuckled and said "Oh Quinn, you know that not ALL New Yorker's move fast and push and shove... some of those people are here visiting and not even from NY that are rude.  It may be them that doesn't know how to say excuse me or pardon me."  True statement.

We laughed.  We joked.  People stopped and took pictures with her.  But, she kept a promise to me of meeting up with me in NY and being generous to my family.  She is beautiful outside and inside.  She talked about her dog that had died 4 years ago that is STILL her screen saver to her new dog that she loves just as much.  She talked about eating gluten free, some back pain she is having and her excitement about Trading Spaces returning to TV.

We passed a beautiful young girl passing out flyers for CHICAGO the play and when she realized who Paige was (Paige played Roxie on Broadway in Chicago) she was speechless and of course, I screamed and made it way more obnoxious and fun as only my loud mouth could!  HA!

How can I ever repay her for those three hours she gave us?  All the sight seeing we did in NY for a few days us and my kids will never forget, but Paige added a memory that will last forever for us.

I know how our whole Bubba Show family can repay her.....  Watch TLC's Trading Spaces staring April 7th!

I'm sharing some great photos we took that day.  Thank you Paige.  You are the best!


paige davis and melanie taylor subway
Melanie Taylor


Paige Davis and Melanie Taylor in Carmine's
Melanie Taylor


Paige Davis and Quinn On The Subway
Melanie Taylor