AGT's Jackie Evancho Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

January 30, 2019
Jackie Evancho

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

AGT runner up (at the age of 10) and local girl Jackie Evancho opens up about her eating disorder.  She talked to ABC about it and opened up that she suffered since she was 15 and was diagnosed at 17.  She also said she has body dysmorphia. 

Jackie came in for one of our Bubba Show breakfasts and was so awesome, gracious and wonderful.  She sang & hung out with all our Bubba Show family members around 2 years ago.

Here is a quote from Jackie herself.  "Anytime I saw my reflection, not only was it distorted, but I was sitting there telling myself: 'That's disgusting,' " Jackie Evancho says.

She said growing up as a young talent was hard and she was always comparing herself and her body to other girls and women.

Here is the video from when she talked to ABC news.


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