Matt Damon's SNL Skit About Christmas Was Hilarious

December 17, 2018


Matt Damon's opening monologue about his Dad was priceless, touching and so relatable for me.  Sometimes opening SNL doens't necessarily have to be full of comedy.  He told a great story about his late father and admitted he wasn't there to promote a movie or song or ANYTHING!  He was just there for his 2nd time to host the LAST show of SNL for 2018.

There was a lot that was happening that night with Miley Cyrus performing topless (well, she had a suit jacket over top of her) and Pete Davidson's IG post earlier in the day that was alarming about his mental health.  He did appear to introduce Miley's 2nd musical performance.

But, if you'd like to laugh, please watch this Matt Damon Christmas skit that we all can relate too!  HILARIOUS.  In the end like SNL said, even your WORST Christmas i your BEST Christmas.