Mel's Girls Open Mini Brands

What Are In Mel's Girls Mini Brands

November 6, 2019

Melanie Pic

What are mini brands?  Well, thanks to the app Tik Tok that my kids watch they saw them on there.  They are little eggs that open up and there are miniature brands of THINGS in there.  You have to watch to see. See what THINGS I mean.  Let's just say it is a holiday craze that will be a fad here and gone in a minute.  Is it silly?  Yes.  Do I want my kids to collect over 100 of these?  HELL NO!  But, they are selling out everywhere!  Thanks to the Target in West Mifflin I found FOUR!

Watch them opent theirs here.  Are they happy?  What are they?  Is Quinn disappointed?  Does Brecklynn love hers?


Oh and here is the picture of the RARE and VERY RARE mini brands!