Rugrats Returns To TV For You To Watch

Rugrats Returns To TV

July 17, 2018
TV and Remote Control

From 1991-2004 Rugrats was the cartoon that you all enjoyed! 

Well, it is officialy coming back!  26 episodes to your TV.  A release date hasn't been slated just yet. This 90's cartoon was super famous on Nickelodeon.  There is also a LIVE action movie the CGI characters they are working on for 2020.

Did you love Rugrats?

Doesn't it seem like everything and anything is coming back for us to enjoy?  My 13 year old told me that fanny packs are back too!  Oh and she has her CROCS that she wears regularly too! HA!

Read more about it here. 

Fans are having mixed reactions!  They don't want it to be ruined from their childhood love of the show.  But, the original creators (all 3 of them) will be back as executive producers.  So, they can't mess it up.  Right?