Should Myles Garrett Be Charged For Assault?

November 15, 2019

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It is a Pittsburgh thing to not like Cleveland.  As a kid born and raised in Greenfield, I am not even sure why we don't like Cleveland, it's just kinda of in our DNA.
The Browns are from Cleveland and we don't like them either.
BUT,  I do have to admit that since the Cleveland Browns have been such a disaster of a football oranization over the last many years (before last night, the last time they beat the Steelers was 2014),  I found my self actually feeling bad for them and in a weird underdog kinda way, rooting for them.


That ALL CHANGED LAST NIGHT with ;08 seconds to go in a 21-7 Steelers loss when this happened!!!

Let's not forget this WAS NOT the first cheap hit of the night.
Helmet to helmet on Rudolph
Helmet to helmet on Ju Ju that knocked him out of the game
Helmet to helmet on Johnson that let to an ejection


All of it....but what bothers me the most is the last line in ESPN Jeremy Fowlers Tweet

The NFL must take a stand.  A big one.  Oh....and I will never feel sorry for the Browns or Cleveland again....sorry...._______ YOU BROWNS!!!