'This Is Us' Renewed For Three More Seasons: Beth & Randall's Response Is The BEST!

This Is Us For Fans Till 2022

May 13, 2019


For all of you that are massive fans of This Is Us they are renewed for another three seasons!  It will take us on the journey into 2022 which would be the 6th season of this amazing show.  It could be the 6th season and the last.  We don't know yet.

Here are some of the great responses from the major stars on social media once they realized they were being signed on for another three seasons!

I'm a fan of the show, so I'm super happy too!

This may be my favorite!  Sterling and Susan (Randall and Beth) had the best response!

Here is Chrissy's response (Kate).

Here is Justin's response (Kevin)

Here is Mandy Moore's response (Rebecca)

Cheers to This Is Us and their fans!


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