Where To Find A Christmas Tree in Pittsburgh

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Where Can You Be?

December 10, 2018



Looking for a Christmas Tree? 

So were we! 

Seriously we looked everywhere. 

Let's start with the REAL spots... 

VIllage Christmas Trees ( Sewickley, PA) 

They just opened this year. $45 any type, any size, and they give back to the community! 

While your at Sewickley’s Light Up Night tomorrow, come down to get your Christmas Tree! We’ll be open late! #sewickley

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A massive thank you to our customers and to the Village of Sewickley for loving and sharing your trees with us ------

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McTighe's ( Shaler, PA) 

My fiance's family has been coming here for years!

Looks like they only need a mistletoe aisle!

where is the mistletoe aisle when ya need it?? --

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Barry from Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka has the best taste and he picks up his tree from there! 

Great traditions continue with our day after Thanksgiving tree -- shopping. Blessed to have 2 beautiful girls!

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Martin's Crhistmas Tree Farm (Bell Vernon, PA)

How cute does my girl Juliana's family look? 

Little full, lotta sap --♥️

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Trax Farm (Finleyville, PA)

From precut to homemade wreaths, you can't go wrong!

Still looking for a Christmas Tree? Well, @traxfarms has you covered. We have fresh cut trees available! Stop by today or this weekend to pick one up! Happy Thursday! --#tistheseason

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Last but not least...


They have the best return policy! 

Even Whole Foods carries Christmas trees!  ( might set you back about a $100 bucks)

Unfortunately I am allergic to the real deal Christmas trees ( BAH HUM BUG!) so we had to go with a faux. 

We looked everywheeeeere! I swear!

We checked out Macy's, Pool City, Big Lots, KMart (that's going out of business) ALL were still pretty highly priced or out of stock.



They have them all from fiber obtic to upside down, your tree will be the talk of the town!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bring that 20% off coupon! Kinda mad we didn't stop in here after looking at these prices online. 


Their artifical trees are all 30% off right now!

We ended up buying a 7 footer at Target on sale for $53. The only downside was we thought it was a pre-lit tree, got home, it was unlit.

Which was fine, we just ended up getting lit. So far so good. 

The only Christmas Tree you need: 


It might not be the best looking, but it is definitely the best tasting!


Find at GetGo, and other local supermarkets. :) 

Happy Tree Shopping!