A Huge Man-Made Blue Lagoon Could Be Coming To Pittsburgh

A Giant Man Made Water Hole Could Be Coming To The North Side

September 14, 2018

Suranga Weeratunga | Dreamstime.com

Ever think Pittsburgh is missing a beach?

Maybe that's just me, but imagine two acres of clear blue water, that you could paddleboard, scuba dive, kayak, swim, and play in! 

A beach-like blue lagoon that you could relax in during the warmer months, and skate on the other eleven months out of the year. 

This could be happening, and I'm not talking about the Mon! ;)

Crystal Lagoons could be bringing their technology to the Burgh to make it happen.

Check this out! A giant ferris wheel is in the works again too. 

Have you seen the blue lagoon viral videos on Facebook from Iceland? YES one of these could be coming to Pittsburgh's North Side!

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