This Cookie Table is LIT!

Check out this UNREAL Pittsburgh Cookie Table!

August 3, 2018

The Wedding Cookie Table Community on Facebook


The Pittsburgh Cookie Table tradition... 

Coming from a girl who is currently planning her Pittsburgh wedding, this is a must! 

Now when I first came across this cookie table in the "Cookie Table Community" on Facebook, I knew it had to be from a Pittsburgh wedding.

Just look at this cookie table!!!


Now it's going viral on Facebook!

Of course everyone knows everyone in Pittsburgh, and our producer Sara, happened to knw the bride, Megan Smith! 

We had to get all the tasty details! 

Take a listen!

If you helped make Megan's cookie tables dreams come true let us know! 

Pittsburghers run into other yinzers everywhere, but who knew people would be talking about their wedding cookie table in Mexico!

I can't tell you how many people have tagged me in this cookie table post or shared it with me!

My Dad even sent me it! I had to share it with you!