Take A French Fry Road Trip Around Pittsburgh

Celebrate "Fryday" by visiting the best spots for fries

July 13, 2018



Pittsburgh is definitely a foodie city, and known for putting their fries on EVERYTHING!!!

We even put fries on pies!

Don't even think about eating a salad with fries!

Why not visit the BEST spots for fries?

First stop... The Original "O" fries , The Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland...


Fun fact: The O fries were named one the Best French Fries in the country in by CNN in 2012. 

From there we're heading to Little Italy!

Gary says you gotta try Angelo's in Bloomfield *dips in special mayo*  

Then slip into the Strip District for of course Primanti Bros. almost famous fries. 

As a kid I always ordered bread and butter and a side of fries!

Or you could stop at PNC Park for some...

After the strip we're heading out for some amusement in West Mifflin! Nothing beats a good Potato Patch Fry at Kennywood ...

Had a blast with my best friend and sister a girl could ask for #SundayFunday @lyndsayyb and she made me ride everything ----#TurnUp -- ----------

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...or head out to Idlewild in Ligonier

After that we're heading to Maria D'Antonio's fave spot "Bowser's" in Monaca and O MY FRY LOOK AT THESE SMOKED PORK FRIES!!!

Nothing like a good ol' shoestring fry at the Butler Fair either! 

Alright I'm fried. 

Here was Bubba Show's list from "National FRYday"... 

Potato Patch Fries
Primanti Bros
The O - Oakland
Dee's 6 Packs & Dogs - Edgewood
Chick Fil A
BJ's Brewhouse
5 Guys
North Park Lounge
Twin Oaks Lounge

Sure you can get some of these anywhere in the country but admit it you've been through the drive-thru at Wendy's dunking fries in a Frosty.