Whiteclaw Season Continues With New Flavors

Whiteclaw's "Hot Girl Summer" is Carrying into the fall with new flavors!

September 5, 2019



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If you open up my fridge right now you'll see multiple rows of IC Light Mango, La Croix ( Aldi brand Belle Vie), and just about every brand of boozy seltzer including the infamous Whiteclaw. 



Now Mango Whiteclaw might be my fave, probably because it reminds me of IC Light Mango, but sometimes it just doesn't do the trick, might need to add a splash of vodka in there, just don't do what we did at the Hootie and the Blowfish show...

*whiteclaw flip-cup*





Some like lime, some like black cherry, but new whiteclaw flavors are here, and they ain't just raspberry! 

Watermelon, pineapple, clementine, and LEMON! Plus they're only 70 calories? 

I'll be check our local beer distributor daily for these bad boys!

Till then I'll be waiting patiently with the Smirnoff seltzers!