Crappy Roads Lead to A Slow AF Commute Especially For Elista

Elista got stuck on her way into work and you have to hear her rescue..

February 1, 2019


As a Pittsburgher, we should definitely expect some snow in the winter. We should also probably know how to drive it in when it does fall. ( some of us do I think?)

I really don't think we expected this hot mess of a commute on the first February Friday morning of 2019!

The weatherman was calling for about 2-3 inches of snow, but wasn't that really targeted to South of Pittsburgh..?

Thought so.

After the last iffy snow predictions I also thought we were maybe gonna see about an inch, maybe an inch and a half.

I know he doesn't always get it right but I felt like someone should've been doing a little more prep for this! (Watching "How To Get Away With Murder last night was not enough prep!)

We had a performance (Jes Glynne) scheduled at 8am during Bubba Show Breakfast, so I figured if l leave just after 7am, I'll be fine.

Me on the roads at 7:30am: Not fine.

After looking at the Waze app I quickly realized I was going to be late, waaaaay late.

The first stretch was okay, everyone kinda bumper to bumper. I slid up a back way around 8am that I wouldn't normally take (thanks again Waze) then the app tried telling me to go up a hill (O HELL SNOW!!! Also kinda hard to avoid in the Burgh) and I immediately pulled over into a nearby gas station. AIN'T NO WAY I'M GOING ALL THE WAY UP RIGHT NOW!

We're moving and grooving on 279, still have yet to see a snowplow, but I'm thinking I got this.

After all, last Saturday night I drove from my parents house in Oil City to Pittsburgh across I-80 in white out conditions and made it ( after several Hail Mary's), I GOT THIS!!!

Made it through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, and then I thought about walking through the Ft. Pitt Tunnel, but luckily I made it out!

Once I passed through the tunnel, I thought to myself , "Did it even snow over here?"

I clearly spoke too soon.

It kept falling, and everyone else kept inching.

My car does not like inching, it likes going!

About half way up Greentree Hill, my car starts swerving. It's not really going. I kept my foot on the gas, and suddenly it felt like I was driving a damn ship into an Iceburgh.

I realize there is no way in Greentree I'm making it up this hill, and I didn't want to slam into anybody! I start turning my ship up the Exit 68 ramp.

My new home.

I tried gunning it, but there was no way my car was getting up this hill. I was stuck. Along with 5 or 6 others around me. The longer I waited, the more cars kept sliding on up the hill and getting stuck.

This is where Bubba calls me around 9:30am...

Somehow the busses were making it up! I need some Transit wheels.



At this point I didn't even realize I was on the radio...


God Bless ya Tammy, but I don't even want to put you at risk! ^^^

Now I'm trying to flag the one PennDot plow down I see ( I called them and they said it would be about another 45 minutes after this)...

Then in the midst of the snow-covered ramp, came an angel, a tow truck!

It is now after 11am by the way.

He asks, "Elista?!"

*me in tears*

I don't even know what I said but he said something about helping me and I wasn't really sure what was happening.

Next thing I know this man is pulling my car up the road with his tow truck.

HUGE shoutout to Wayne from JP Recovery who recovered my car for me from the snowy exit and brought me up the hill!

I still don't think anyone expected this snow-covered commute that left my car stuck in the snow for an extra two hours, but I'm thankful to be okay!