We Tried The Cruisin Tikis And It Was A BLAST!

Pittsburgh's coolest cruise just hit the three rivers and here is what it was like!

May 16, 2018

When I first saw that Cruisin' Tikis were going to be cruising to Pittsburgh, I thought ( why didn't I think of that?) I NEED to be on one of these badboys! 

We reached out to the franchisee owner, Dale, and he put me in contact with the creator, Captain Greg Darby...

It just so happened that I had a bachelorette party planned for my best friend, Morgan, ( you'll see her pop up in pictures below) where the Tikis all started, in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

The day we hopped aboard the ORIGINAL Cruisin' Tikis...


...The first tiki hut boat in Pittsburgh made its' landing by Redfin Blues at Washington's Landing. 

While Dale was testing the tiki on the three rivers, we were testing out the tiki along the canals in fabulous Fort Lauderdale. 

Greg met us at "The Historic Downtowner" a cool bar dahntahn Fort Lauderdale, which worked out perfectly!

Since it was Cinco De Drinko we naturally ordered a few rounds of margaritas...

Then we went out on the tiki and this happened...

IT WAS EVERYTHING! (^^ Yes that's me in the cha cha outfit, our friend Carly, and your nacho average bride, Morgan)

Dat view though...

Greg even let us get behind the wheel of the tiki! ( Pictured below is one of my best friends, Melissa! Me and her both have our PA boating licenses btw!)

The tiki boats are BYOB, but the OG tiki even had a blender on board, so we could make some margaritas along our boat ride!

(Notice my cup is empty ;)

Greg the creator said his business started like most genius ideas, on accident!

He created the tiki, took it out for a spin, and it ended up going viral on social media!

It went viral when we shared that the tikis were coming to Pittsburgh too! 

Check out more photos from our totally awesome tiki adventure here!

People always ask me...

1. Was it safe? ABSOLUTELY! I felt 100% comfortable on the tiki boat. Greg said no one has ever fallen off the boat! ( Don't try to be the first one yinzers!)

2. Was it fun? DUH! YES! Book your trip now! "See our city like you've never seen it before!" Perfect for bachelorette/bachelor parties, or for a fun day out on the water!

3. Where do we launch? In Florida we met at a bar downtown, right now the Cruisin' Tiki Pittsburgh is docked by the Grand Concourse. 

4. How much does it cost? $400 for a 2 hour tour for up to six people!

5. How many people can come on the boat? 6! Coast guard regulations! We took two different shifts so our entire party could enjoy the tiki! 

6. How fast does the tiki go? 4-6 MPH, You will want to kick back and enjoy the ride! No need to worry about barges passing by. We went right by plenty of yachts with no trouble at all!

7. Can we bring drinks? They are BYOB, but you must show your ID. They provide a cooler, bottled water and ice. You provide your favorite beverages and snacks!

You can bring drinks from Local Brewhouse or Steel Cactus and receive a 10% discount!

And most importantly...

8. Where do you use the bathroom? Use it before you go out! The Mon is stinky enough. Although there is a door you can lift up where the Captain steers the boat. 

I asked Greg if they ever pull tubes, and he said "Oh yeah, we've had all kinds of floatation devices!" You can bring kids too, they just need to wear a life jacket 12 & under!

At the end of the bachelorette party, I asked my bestie Morgan, what her favorite part of the trip was, and she hands down said the "Cruisin' Tiki"! 

We had an absolute blast and I can't wait till we get on the tikis in Pittsburgh!

If you're looking for an amazing time on the water this summer, call up my friend Dale, and cruise along the three rivers on a Cruisin' Tiki!