If You Missed Out On Hamilton Tickets, Try Here!

You probably didn't get tickets to see Hamilton in Pittsburgh, so try these other cities...

November 5, 2018

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Tickets to see Hamilton the Musical went on sale this morning and it was craaaazy!

There was a line throughout downtown Pittsburgh! 

If you tried to get Hamilton tickets online, you most likely weren't successful, or you're still in line! 

My Mom started out at #44,702, and now she has about 19,000 people ahead of her.

She said maybe we'll get to see Hamilton with my kids ( her future grandkids) that are no where near on their way! 

BUT I noticed one of my friends on Facebook mentioned they got tickets to the Cleveland show, and that they never even sold out! Really?!

I know none of us Pittsburghers really wanted to make the journey to CLE, but maybe you'll be willing to head over to Columbus (shows start after Pittsburgh Jan. 29th) or Cincinatti (Starting Feb. 19th) OH? 

Here is the where Hamilton is making other stops!

Might be cheaper to buy a plane ticket to another city to see the show at this point! 

Good luck! 

Anyone get tickets? I'm looking... :)