Kelly Tries: Sweet & Fiery Gushers

September 24, 2018

If your anything like me, there has been about a million times that you are walking through the grocery store and think to yourself 'IS NOTHING SACRED! WHY AGAIN DO AWESOME FOODS RELEASE SUCH WEIRD FLAVORS! WHO WOULD ACTUALLY EAT THAT?!'

Introducing...KELLY TRIES!

A weekly video series where I try those weird/gross/'should be illegal' flavors and tell YOU if they are worth it. 

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We decided to start with 'sweet and fiery gushers' because GO BIG OR GO HOME.

Were they gross? Awesome? Should make a permanent home in a trash can? We're going to find out today!

Suggestions on what I eat next? Email me at Always open to more public torture!

Thanks for watching & see you next week! :)