Kelly Tries: Planters Cheez Ball Powder

But, why?!

August 28, 2019

Welcome back to 'Kelly Tries', my weekly video series where I eat weird foods/flavors of foods before you so you don't waste your money!

This week is a special episode- and I use the word 'special' loosely.

Everyone knows and loved Planters Cheez Balls but for some reason for a LONG time, they were no longer made.


Flash forward to 2019, Cheez Balls are back and here to stay!! And how does a company celebrate the re-launch of a super successful product?  By making 350 limited edition bottles of  JUST the Cheez Powder i.e. every mother's nightmare!

If you have a food that you think would be DELICIOUS sprinkled with Planters Cheez powder, tweet @MrPeanut with #CheezBallContest until September 1st and you could win a bottle of your own!

For now, the Taste Team decided to torture me by coming up with a list of foods THEY thought would be awesome (disgusting) with the addition of Cheez Ball powder. GIDDY UP!