The Waterfront Is Adding 3 More Businesses!

Shop, eat, throw AXES? Sign me UP!

July 23, 2018

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The Waterfront in Homestead is ALREADY one of my favorite places to go! After these new additions? I won't ever have to leave.

It was just announced on that 3 new businesses are making their way in!

El Campesino, home to the most delicious Mexican EVER, is movin' on in. If you've never been, trust me on this one...DELISH. I go to the one in McMurray all the time, you'll love it.

Next up, one for the ladies, DUH. Torrid is joining the Waterfront, hookin' up my curvy ladies with the trendiest pieces.

And last, but certainly not least, Throw Axes Pittsburgh...because throwing axes is the cool thing to do right now and again, take my word, it is both fun and stress-relieving. 

Still waiting on an opening date for all 3 but as soon as I know, you will!