Zoo Paints Donkey To Look Like Zebra

I've had enough of humanity for the day.

July 27, 2018

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Ok, sometimes you read those headlines and you think to yourself 'no way...this can't be true' and then you click it and WALL-AH! Humanity has disappointed you again.

Here is your WALL-AH! moment...

A zoo in Cairo painted a donkey to look like a zebra. 

And now your thinking, Kel, why would anyone in their right mind do that?!

Well, that's where I don't have an answer for you because the rep from the Zoo is INSISTING that the 'zonkey' (I just made that up...go with it...) is REAL. 

Yes, the Zoo is saying that poor animal with the black smudges on its body resembling running mascara is ACTUALLY a zebra and WE are the crazy ones.

Ok, that's enough Internet for the day.