Andrew McCutchen Gives Back To Pittsburgh

November 23, 2019
Andrew McCutchen

Jared Wickerham / Stringer


Andrew McCutchen.. That is really all you need to say in the city of Pittsburgh!

The man is not only a great baseball player, he is an outstanding human!

Andrew isn't even a Pittsburgh Pirate anymore, and yet, he hasn't spent an entire week giving back to the city he loves..

More than two years after Andrew last wore a Pirates jersey, the city full of black and gold continues to love him.

We're so lucky that he continues to love us as well!

Andrew has spent the last week volunteering in the community for "Project Pittsburgh", giving back to the city he loves.

And of course, giving back to the people that have supported him throughout his career.

The work that Andrew has done for the community is truly uplifting and empowering.

We commend you Andrew and always welcome you back to Pittsburgh with open arms!