Browns Coach Freddie Kitchens Wore A 'Pittsburgh Started It' Shirt Ahead Of Steelers Rematch

November 30, 2019
Freddie Kitchens

Jason Miller / Stringer


The Pittsburgh Steelers biggest rematch is on Sunday at Heinz Field.. Steelers vs. the Cleveland Browns!

After "helmet" gate, emotions are running on high for both sides of the field, but thanks to the Browns head coach, Freddie Kitchens, those emotions will probably be running even higher..

We've seen the shirts that have been circulating in Cleveland that say "Pittsburgh Started It", but we haven't seen it on an actual player or coach. Until now..

Doesn’t get much better than this! Someone spotted Freddie Kitchens rocking our Pittsburgh started it shirt tonight! Tag a friend if you can’t get any more pumped up for Sunday! The Rivalry is real!! Cleveland let’s go!!!

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ESPN reported Saturday, Freddie was spotted posing with a "Pittsburgh Started It" T-shirt ahead of this weekend's rematch.

A picture of Freddie wearing the shirt surfaced on the Instagram of the shirt's Cleveland-based design company. 

According to ESPN, the Browns spokesperson has since confirmed that is Freddie wearing the shirt, saying he received it from his daughters "as a joke" and wore it to the movies, not intending anyone to catch a glimpse of it.


I guess all that can be said to that is GAME ON.