Taylor Swift Is Third Wheeling It.. And She is Perfectly Okay With It!

Here's To Hoping We All Find Love At A Taylor Swift Show!

July 15, 2018
Taylor Swift

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We've all been the third wheel at one point in our lives, but probably not during a proposal. And most definitely not as an artist during a meet and greet!

Let's set the stage. It's a Taylor Swift meet and greet, so the energy is already high. A couple walks up to meet Taylor, but then, the man drops to his knee. Not to propose to Taylor, as I'm sure that has happened multiple times before, but the man is proposing to his girlfriend that he had met at a Taylor show five years ago. Talk about taking the energy to another level!

Taylor posted the proposal and her CLASSIC reaction on Instagram. #ThirdWheel, but seems perfect okay with it!  

Instagram - Taylor Swift
Instagram - Taylor Swift


Here's to hoping we all find love at a Taylor Swift show! ;) -Kristen