New Kids On The Block's New Music Video Is The Ultimate Boy Band Tribute!

And it even has Lance Bass in it!

March 2, 2019
New Kids On The Block


Two words.. BOY BAND.

The music craze that people thought would just be a phase, yet they continue to rock our world.. And I'm perfectly okay with it!

 While I'm more of an NSYNC girl myself, the band that really started the craze New Kids On The Block is STILL at it 30 years later!

To celebrate their 30 year anniversary, they not only released new music, but a new music video to show their appreciation of ALL boy bands!

The new music video for Boys In The Band features tributes to Boyz II Men, BTS, 98 Degrees and One Direction. Also features my favorite boy bander.. LANCE BASS!

Doesn't matter if you're a boy band lover or not, it's a pretty funny music video. Check it out now!


Especially the appearance of my favorite, Lance Bass! Lance - Call me! Let's do lunch and discuss an NSYNC reunion please and thanks! -Kristen