Is Taylor Swift Preparing To Surprise Fans With A New Album?!

Or is she just tormenting us on social media..

March 2, 2019

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Swifties everywhere are freaking out right now (Including myself!).. Is Taylor Swift going to pull a Beyonce and drop an album out of thin air?!

The stars are aligning that way and social media is screaming that something might be up, but Taylor could also just be playing with our hearts..

I've done a lot of investigating and over anaylzing of her social media to make it easier for you to see what I'm seeing!

Clue #1:

She posted a picture of seven palm trees the other day on Instagram. To the untrained eye, that might not look like anything, but to a die hard Swiftie.. That could mean a SEVENTH ALBUM!


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Clue #2:

Taylor posted a picture on Instagram with twelve steps. Again, to the untrained eye, that means nothing, but in the Taylor world.. 12 TRACKS ON THE NEXT NEW ALBUM.


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Clue #3:

Olivia Benson looks pretty shocked about something! Now Taylor's cat Olivia is known to have some crazy kind of faces, but come on now.. Dropping a brand new ablum out of no where would be shocking beyond!

She just read all the theories --

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Is this really happening or am I reading too much into this?

Will Taylor release an album out of no where or is she just toying with our musical emotions?

All I know is that the world deserves more Taylor Swift music right now, so Taylor PLEASEEEEEEE make it happen! -Kristen