World's Largest Snickers Bar Is The Size Of 43,000 Single-Sized Candy Bars Put Together!

That should leave you a little more than satisfied!

January 18, 2020

I just got a food baby thinking about this.. A Snickers bar that is almost 5,000lbs!

On Thursday, the Guinness Book of World Records declared Waco, Texas as the home to the world's largest Snickers bar weighing in at more than 4,700 pounds and measuring two feet high and 26 inches wide!

The bar was made at the Mars Wrigley plant in Waco, one of the world's largest producers of candies such as Snickers, M&M's and Skittles.

The Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric told a Texas TV station, "This is incredibly impressive. Some of my favorite record categories are big food because it has to be edible and it is also an engineering feat, so to get a 5,000 pound bar of chocolate to stay together is really challenging."

You're definitely not going to be feeling hungry after that eating that one!