8-Year-Old with Cancer Dances Drake's 'In My Feelings' Challenge with Mom at Hospital

August 2, 2018

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

This may be the greatest ‘In My Feelings’ challenge we’ve seen yet. 

Eight-year-old Abigail Lewis and her mom Alyssa participated in the recent Drake dance-craze, and they absolutely nailed it! The Alaska girl was diagnosed earlier this year with a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma -- but that hasn’t dulled her smile. 

Her mom told Radio.com that it had been months since she and her daughter had danced together, so when Abigail showed interest in the ‘In My Feelings’ dance she quickly learned the moves. 

Video of the pair dancing at the Arkansas Children's Hospital has been viewed over 3 million times, prompting Abigail to ask her mom how many people would recognize her on their trip to Paris after she beats cancer.

"It had been months since Abigail and I had danced," says Alyssa. "She’s been in pain and tired so long and as time passes she is seemingly more frail. At a pool party, a couple friends did the challenge and had me laughing. Later, another friend had her twin boys doing their version while riding their Power Wheels. When Abigail watched this and began to laugh, I asked her if she wanted to try. She seemed interested in learning the steps so I quickly learned the basics and brainstormed with her about the idea of starting with her riding the IV pole and what we wanted to do during the freestyle."

Alyssa and Abigail I practiced the dance for about three days, when her energy was up. "We practiced in her room, in the hall and in the family house. Thursday came and we asked one of the nurses if she could capture this special moment for us. Abigail made mention earlier in the daily house she was working on a surprise. When asked for who she said 'the world.'"

Quickly the views began to multiply, says Alyssa, "and I could hardly wait for Abigail to wake up so I could tell her how, in less than 12 hours, we already has 23k views! To see the comments, views, shares and inspired movements really is amazing! Abigail said to me today as we approach almost 3 million views, 'Mom, I wonder how many people will recognize us when we go to Paris after, you know, I beat cancer?'”

Their incredible story really hit us in our feelings! For more information on Abigail's fight, visit her Gofundme page.