Bubba Show

It was his first day on the job, but that did not stop Lieutenant Governon John Fetterman from calling in and talking to Melanie and Bubba.
Sammy's Pizzeria

Sammy's Pizza Wins Star's 2018 Best Pizza In Pittsburgh

Star Pittsburgh has announced the winner of the 2018 Best Pizza in Pittsburgh!
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Monessen Public Library Fashion Show

The Monessen Public Library and Cultural Center Fashion Show with Melanie Taylor!
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Amie Downs (Communications Director Of Allegheny County) talks with Bubba Show about saving the piano that appeared mysteriously in North Park.  Amy's boss is Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.

UPDATE:Bubba Show Wants Allegheny County To Save The North Park Piano and talks to the Allegheny Co Communications Director

Did you see the news story about the piano in North Park? Well Allegheny County says that they MUST remove it. We say NO!!! SAVE THE NORTH PARK PIANO!!! Let bikers and hikers enjoy and play!!!! Video of Mysterious Piano Left In North Park Shelter
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This is getting ridiculous! Halloween candy in stores in July!

Is it me or is it ridiculous that there is Halloween Candy out in July?? Kids don't even go back to school for another Month! We are still more than a month away from Labor Day! We are 100 (YES 100) days away from Halloween, yet there is Halloween candy in stores!!! Is there anyone else out here...
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WATCH: Melanie Virtually Swims With Sharks And Freaks Out

Melanie admits she is OBSESSED with Sharks, so to get her ready for Shark Week, Bubba surprised her with a virtual swim with sharks.
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