Bubba Show


Abby Found Something!

"Abby" came back on this morning to update us on the lock box. She found something!!! What do you think???? abby found something.mp3 abby found something 2.mp3
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Bubba's Dog Bash

Is Bubba's Dog, Bash, A Puppy Or A Little Piggy?

Bubba's puppy Bash is going on 10 weeks old. He is hilarious....but boy does he LOVE to eat.
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Is It Possible To Teach An 8 Week Old Puppy Tricks?

Watch Bash the 8 week old puppy do tricks.
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It was his first day on the job, but that did not stop Lieutenant Governon John Fetterman from calling in and talking to Melanie and Bubba.
Sammy's Pizzeria

Sammy's Pizza Wins Star's 2018 Best Pizza In Pittsburgh

Star Pittsburgh has announced the winner of the 2018 Best Pizza in Pittsburgh!
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