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Mary And John Go To The Pirates Game For Prom

Find Out Why Mary And John Went To The Pirates Game For Prom

The Pirates made it a night they would never forget.
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Bubba Messes With Melanie Off The Air TOO!

Ok....so I love to mess with Mel. It is so funny because she and I are polar opposites. In almost every way. I am totally disorganized and Melanie is completely organized. So, I get back in the studio from the little boys room. Because of that Melanie was on my side of the studio board doing...
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The Cheese Is BACK At Kennywood!

So yesterday on Bubba Show Melanie and I started talking about the fact that Kennywood changed the cheese at the Potato Patch. Blasphemy we said!!! Our Bubba Show Family that have already been to Kennywood called and complained that the cheese had changed, it wasn't the same, it was watery and...
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Awww www......HECK NO!!! Walking into his buddies house, he had no idea that there was a snake wrapped around the porch light. The snake bit him in the eye!!! A doorbell camera captured the terrifying moment a snake attacked a man https://t.co/yHpmqq4Z1m pic.twitter.com/xDg15ifVoU — CNN (@CNN) May...
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Abby Found Something!

"Abby" came back on this morning to update us on the lock box. She found something!!! What do you think???? abby found something.mp3 abby found something 2.mp3
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