Things To Do This Weekend In & Around Pittsburgh: September 13-15

Backstreet's back [in Pittsburgh], ALRIGHT!
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These Wizard Of Oz Babies At West Penn Are Too Cute!

OMG! Look at these little babies, I CANNOT! West Penn decided to ring in the 80th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz in the CUTEST way possible!! I'm proud to be from Pittsburgh every single day but today? Just a litttttle bit more. Happy belated birthday to these cuties! Can't wait to see what's next...
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Halsey arrives at the 2018 Music Video Awards.

Halsey Has Finally Kicked Nicotine After 10 Years!

Our give Halsey a set of pipes, and she won’t be using them for nicotine. Halsey took to Twitter Thursday to reveal that she finally kicked nicotine, but kicking the bad habit didn’t come without its struggles. I successfully quit nicotine a few weeks ago after smoking for TEN years. I gained a lot...
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Alejandro Villanueva

Steelers’ Alejandro Villanueva Says Fight With Cam Heyward Was Over ‘Game of Thrones’

There are always fights when it comes to football locker rooms and training camp, but when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers, we're normally not on that list.. Especially since the departure of Antonio Brown! Unfortunately though, our black and gold did make the list this week, but for an unusual...
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Pink Trolls Mom-Shamers For Coming After Jessica Simpson

Pink has had her fair share of mom-shamers making her feel bad about the way that she parents her kids. The best trait about Pink though, she doesn't hold back when it comes to defending the things she believes in.. Especially to mom-shamers! This week, Jessica Simpson and her daughter showed their...
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Taylor Swift Hosted A Secret 'Lover' Listening Session For Fans!

It's been FAR too long since we had a new album from Taylor Swift and she knows this! Getting all of her fans pumped up and ready for the release of her album later this month, Taylor Swift invited loyal Swifties to the first secret session in London on Friday! Tonight @taylorswift13 had a bunch of...
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Matthew McConaughey

There's A 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' Television Remake In The Works!

Romantic comedy lovers are going to be SUPER pumped to know one of our favorites is in the process of being remade! The 2003 rom com starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey is in the process of being remade for TV! "The Mindy Project" writer and entertainer Guy Branum shared the exciting news...
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Kelly Tries: Primanti Bros. Pickle Beer

This could go off the rails VERY quickly.
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Freezer Packs For Your Bra Exist

Your cantaloupes will stay cool with these special freezer packs!
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Kelly Tries: Chocolate-Stuffed Marshmallows

Who DOESN'T love something that makes a smore a little faster?!
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