Kelly Tries: The Series

"Kelly Tries" is a weekly video series where Kelly tries those weird / gross / 'should be illegal' flavors and tell YOU if they are worth it. She likes to call it "My co-workers hate me." We don't, but it's really fun and too irrisistable to make her try things before we do. If you have suggestions for a food or beverage that she should try, email her here.

Kelly Tries: Prantl's Burnt Almond Torte Beer

The two best things have merged! No way it can be bad, right?
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Kelly Tries: Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy

Did we need this flavor? Probably not but GIDDY UP!
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Kelly Tries: Hazelnut Spread M&Ms

AWWW YEEEE BABAYYYYYY!!! (Can you tell my excitement?!)
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Kelly Tries: Natural Light's New 'Naturdays' Beer

Strawberry-Lemonade Natural Light? Let's check it out!
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Kelly Tries: Chicken & Waffles Cereal

Because who DOESN'T want to try chicken-flavored cereal?!
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Kelly Tries: Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Remix Chips

The name is super long to distract you from the garbage inside the bag.
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Kelly Tries: Peeps Cereal

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Kelly Tries: Scottish Haggis

I have lost all control of this stupid series.
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Kelly Tries: New M&M Flavors

We didn't need 3 new M&M flavors but HERE WE ARE!
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Kelly Tries Carrot Cake Oreos

Kelly Tries: Carrot Cake Oreos

Are Carrot Cake Oreos the Easter treat you didn't know you were craving?
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