Pirates Josh Bell and entertainer Wiz Khalifa

Things To Do This Weekend In & Around Pittsburgh: July 19-21

Wiz Khalifa is in town this weekend!
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City Hopes 'Baby Shark' Song Will Drive Homeless Away

Officials in West Palm Beach are hoping a continuous loop of children's songs played throughout the night will keep homeless people from sleeping on the patio of a city-owned rental banquet facility.
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Inclusive Emojis

Apple, Google Continue Inclusive Push With New Emojis

Apple and Google are rolling out dozens of new emojis that of course include cute critters, but also expand the number of images of human diversity.
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'Game of Thrones' Earns A Record-Breaking 32 Emmy Nods

HBO's "Game of Thrones" has slashed its way to a record-setting 32 Emmy nominations Tuesday for its eighth and final season.
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Graphic Suicide Scene Edited Out Of '13 Reasons Why' Finale

Netflix has decided to remove a graphic suicide scene from the Season 1 finale of its show "13 Reasons Why" as the series prepares to launch its third season.
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Things To Do This Weekend In & Around Pittsburgh: July 5-7

The Furries are back in Pittsburgh this weekend!
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Things To Do This Weekend In & Around Pittsburgh: June 21-23

This weekend will mark the official start of summer!
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John Legend Teams Up With Pampers To Get 5,000 Baby Changing Stations Installed In Men's Rooms

If you’re a father who has ever walked into a public bathroom to change your child’s diaper and couldn’t’ find a changing station, you’re not alone.
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Google shows the controller for a video-game streaming platform called Stadia

Google's Challenge To Game Consoles To Kick Off In November

NEW YORK (AP) — Google will kick off its Stadia streaming service to challenge the video game industry in November — but initially only as part of a $130 bundle that includes hardware and a pass for a friend. Google announced the game service in March with few details. On Thursday, Google said it...
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Stan Lee, left, and Keya Morgan arrive at the world premiere of "Avengers: Infinity War

Man Accused Of Defrauding Comic Book Icon Appears In Court

Morgan is facing felony charges including theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud against an elder adult, and false imprisonment of an elder adult.
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