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Reese Cup

Reese cups say "The hell with it. It's 2020."

The hell with it. It is 2020. That is what Reese Cup is saying. Why?
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Ashley Marina

America's Got Talent Ashley Marina Chats With Bubba Show

Pittsburgh's Ashley Marina makes it through on America's Got Talent with song dedicated to her Daddy!
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Watching This Cat Eat Will Crack You Up

This cat eats like the board game Hungry Hungry Hippo. It is hilarious!
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You Guessed It Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Pennsylvania picked their favorite candy! Do you agree?
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James Conner Surprises His Father And We All LOVE It

Surprising your Dad with a brand new truck...that is what James Conner did!
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Stormi Makes Us All Fall In Love With Her More

Stormi's reaction to what Mom Kylie does is the cutest thing you'll see all day!
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Brown egg

During Quarantine What Is PA's Most Searched Recipe

I cannot believe this recipe is the MOST searched in PA during quarantine!
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UFO? Aliens? What do you think?

The Pentagon released videos of UFO's!!
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Having Fun On A Hike (Bubba)

Eli and I went on a hike so I decided to be embarassing.
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 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom attend the Gala for the Global Ocean

Katy Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Katy Perry is pregnant & happy she doesn't have to SUCK IT IN anymore!
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