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Britney Spears Leaves Us A Message

Britney Spears speaks out to her fans.
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Bubba Show

Melanie Taylor Hosts Cube Tube

This is what happens when we get off the air and head back to our cubicle. We call it Cube Tube!!!
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Jessica's daugther Birdie Mae Is Adorable

Jessica released Easter pics of her family and new baby girl Birdie Mae.
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Mel's Mom Teaches The Rosary

Melanie's Mom explains how to do a correct rosary on holy week!
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Bubba's Mom's Birthday!

Yesterday was Bubba's Mom's Birthday. Bubba's Mom's name is Henya. Just to give you some back story on his mom. Henya is a Holocaust survivor who along with her brother, mother, father, uncle and cousin escaped the Nazi's in Germany by fleeing in to Russia eventually ending up in Siberia. Obviously...
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Season Two For Big Little Lies

Season Two of Big Little Lies is ready!
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Plum HS's Pens Lip Dub

Plum HS does their Penguin Lip Dub for the playoffs again and it is pure magic!
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Bubba's Dog Bash

Is Bubba's Dog, Bash, A Puppy Or A Little Piggy?

Bubba's puppy Bash is going on 10 weeks old. He is hilarious....but boy does he LOVE to eat.
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Season Finale Of This Is Us Was So Good

Season Three of This Is Us was awesome!
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Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King Talks About Getting A New Basketball Hoop For Kids

Did you see the feel good Friday story? So Bridgeville Police Officer Roger Itzel stumbles across a group of kids who were trying to play basketball with an old beat up soccer ball and a garbage can. So what does Officer Itzel do? He reaches out on social media and within 15 minuts has a brand new...
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