James Harrison Announces His Retirement

James Harrison is now retiring from the NFL!
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Big Ben Makes Wishes Come True

Big Ben makes Caleb's dream come true with a promise to him for this coming June.
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Poppa Kaplin Talks LIVE To Bubba Show About The Pens Song

94 year old Poppa Kaplin Who Wrote The Penguins Song Was On Live With Bubba Show
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Papa Love's Grandaughter Amy Talks To Bubba Show

Papa Love is now a local celebrity from his Penguins song!
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Gabby Barrett Calls Into Bubba Show Talking American Idol

Gabby Barrett loves Bubba Show and says she was home Easter Sunday and everyone was coming up to her about Bubba!
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This Boy Yodels Like A Champ in Walmart

I can't stop watching the video and want to learn all the words.
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Gabby Barrett From American Idol Talks To Bubba Show

Gabby Barrett from Munhall called into Bubba Show today to chat about her American Idol experience so far!
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paige davis and melanie taylor

Exclusive: The Real Paige Davis With Melanie Taylor In New York

Paige Davis of TLC's Trading Spaces Met Melanie Taylor in NY & they had a blast!
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