HELP!! Are My Dogs Playing Or Really Fighting?

Fleury is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and Bashful is a 21 week old Bernese Mountain Dog. They literally fight non- stop. They do love each other too because they will lay near each other etc. But they go at it so much and to me it seems like it escalates into a fight, and I am not sure if...
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Bubba's Dog Bash

Is Bubba's Dog, Bash, A Puppy Or A Little Piggy?

Bubba's puppy Bash is going on 10 weeks old. He is hilarious....but boy does he LOVE to eat.
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Meet The Newest Member Of The Bubba Show Family: Bash!

Meet the newest member of our Bubba Show family. He is my newest puppy Bash!!! He is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He is our 3rd. Poor Bam Bam is old and really can't walk very much any longer (SO SAD). He is a good boy, other than crying all night in his crate. Now time for the house training....YAY!...
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