Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Turns 77!

Today is an important day.. 77 years ago, actor and legend Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois! The man behind some of the greatest films off the 20th century is celebrating his 77th birthday TODAY! Harrison is best known for his role as “Indiana Jones,” and Han Solo in Star...
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Marking The Moment: New Photos For Princess Charlotte's 4th

rince William and his wife, Kate, have released three new photographs of Princess Charlotte to mark her fourth birthday.
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Bubba's Mom's Birthday!

Yesterday was Bubba's Mom's Birthday. Bubba's Mom's name is Henya. Just to give you some back story on his mom. Henya is a Holocaust survivor who along with her brother, mother, father, uncle and cousin escaped the Nazi's in Germany by fleeing in to Russia eventually ending up in Siberia. Obviously...
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Happy 60th Birthday Barbie!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBIE! It might be hard to believe, but Barbie is 60 years old today! Barbie has come a long way, baby. Its line coming out in June will include dolls who use wheelchairs and prosthetics. #WomensHistoryMonth #todayinhistory — USA...
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Kelly Tries Rice Krispies Treats

Kelly Tries: Rice Krispies Treats Birthday Cake

This week I'm tackling Rice Krispies Treats ... but not the old fashioned kind, no way, we are WAY too boujee for that.
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