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Wearable Chairs Cannot Be Real But They Are

A wearable chair? I mean come on! I can't even with this new tech idea!
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Lizzo Thinks Her Food Driver Ate Some Of Her Food

Lizzo feels her food delivery driver ate some of her food.
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July 20, 2016; West Palm Beach, FL, USA; Recording artist Wiz Khalifa performs at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre.

Wiz Khalifa Will Star In Dickinson

Wiz Khalifa will star opposite Hailee Steinfeld in Dickinson.
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July 26, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Recording artist Shawn Mendes performs at the American Airlines Arena.

They Both Really Did This Kissing

Did you see this video of them kissing?
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Jennifer Lopez, who has made an impassioned plea urging her fans to fight against the United States' policy of separating immigrant children from parents being detained for illegally entering the country.

The History Of Music Dancing

Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez Do The History Of Music Dancing!
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Palindrome Numbers Start Today

Palindrome numbers this week are CRAZY!
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Mel's Mom Reads Complaint Email

Melanie's Mom reads us our September Complaint Email!
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Roller Coaster Craziness

This is amazing what this man did on a roller coaster!
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WOW!! Corey Found A Wallet With $1000 In It!

Corey Found A Wallet With $1000.00 In It. Did you hear what he did with it? Then he tells us about his sister who lives in the Bahamas that they have not heard from since the hurricane.
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Bad Boys For Life Out This January (NSFW)

Will Smith & Martin Lawrence star in Bad Boys For Life! (NSFW)
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