Ashton & Mila Make Hilarious Break Up Video

Ashton Kutcher & wife Mila Kunis make a hilarious video after they heard they were breaking up!
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HELP!! Are My Dogs Playing Or Really Fighting?

Fleury is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and Bashful is a 21 week old Bernese Mountain Dog. They literally fight non- stop. They do love each other too because they will lay near each other etc. But they go at it so much and to me it seems like it escalates into a fight, and I am not sure if...
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Taylor Swift

Watch Taylor Swift's New Music Video Featuring Katy Perry And Tons Of Cameo's

Taylor Swift's video "You Need To Calm Down" just came out and KATY PERRY is in it!!!! Plus Allderdice Grad Billy Porter and a ton more cameo's!! Here it is!!!
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Ivanah The Dancer Is The Best At 6 Years Old

Ivanah makes me smile with her happy dancing!
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Beyonce Gives That Look We All Have Felt

Beyonce is just not feeling the woman cross over here to talk to Jay Z.
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This 7-Year-Old Started Peyton's K9s To Help K9 Officers

When she was 6 she woke up one day and decided she wanted to help K9 officers. So she and her dad Sonny built a stand for them to sell sweet tea. She sold sweet tea and raised $700!!!
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America's Got Talent's Kodi Lee

Kodi Lee amazed everyone at his America's Got Talent performance!
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Mary And John Go To The Pirates Game For Prom

Find Out Why Mary And John Went To The Pirates Game For Prom

The Pirates made it a night they would never forget.
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Bubba Messes With Melanie Off The Air TOO!

Ok....so I love to mess with Mel. It is so funny because she and I are polar opposites. In almost every way. I am totally disorganized and Melanie is completely organized. So, I get back in the studio from the little boys room. Because of that Melanie was on my side of the studio board doing...
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OITNB Season 7 Cast Sings Theme Song In New Trailer

OITNB cast sings the theme song in this trailer!
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