Cleveland Browns

Freddie Kitchens

Browns Coach Freddie Kitchens Wore A 'Pittsburgh Started It' Shirt Ahead Of Steelers Rematch

The Pittsburgh Steelers biggest rematch is on Sunday at Heinz Field.. Steelers vs. the Cleveland Browns ! After "helmet" gate, emotions are running on high for both sides of the field, but thanks to the Browns head coach, Freddie Kitchens , those emotions will probably be running even higher.. We'...
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Should Myles Garrett Be Charged For Assault?

What happened in the last 8 seconds of the Steelers vs Browns game was an embarrassment!
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Browns Win Game And Cleveland Got Free Beer

The Cleveland Browns won their first game Thursday night since Christmas Eve 2016 beating the New York Jets 21-17. The way the fans were acting you’d think they just won the Super Bowl.
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