Kelly Tries Apple Pie Oreo Cookies

Kelly Tries: Apple Pie Oreo Cookies

This week's episode threw me for a loop.
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IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?! Pillsbury Releasing 'Elf' Sugar Cookies!!!

I KNOW. It's not even Halloween yet, why are we rushing things all the way to Christmas?!?!!! BUT ALSO - you clicked on this link, so you must be SOMEWHAT excited about these?! And how could you not be?! Pillsbury's famous sugar cookies - the pre-sliced ones with the cute little designs on them...
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Kelly Tries Oreo Thins Pistachio Creme

Kelly Tries: Oreo Thins Pistachio Creme

This week is a cookie that I walked past in Giant Eagle FAR too many times and I am so excited to get to try it!
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This Cookie Table is LIT!

This Pittsburgh Cookie Table is GOALS!!!
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