Melanie Taylor

Brown egg

During Quarantine What Is PA's Most Searched Recipe

I cannot believe this recipe is the MOST searched in PA during quarantine!
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UFO? Aliens? What do you think?

The Pentagon released videos of UFO's!!
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Having Fun On A Hike (Bubba)

Eli and I went on a hike so I decided to be embarassing.
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Neil Diamond's Covid-19 Sweet Caroline

Neil Diamond performed a Coronavirus version of his iconic song Sweet Caroline
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Tom Brady Leaving New England Patriots

Tom Brady announced that he will be leaving the New England Patriots
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Dealing with Stress and Anxiety of Social Distancing Due to Coronavirus

Dr. Michael Schneider from New Direction Counseling Services joined us to help deal with the stress of what is happening in our world.
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Dr. Arvind Venkat From Allegheny Health Network

Dr. Arvind Venkat from the Allegheny Health Network
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Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman Talks Coronavirus

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman Joined Bubba Show to talk about the State's response to the Coronavirus
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WARNING!! Pictures Of Bubba's Dental Procedure

Bubba had a dental procedure and WARNING these pictures are graphic!!!
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 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom attend the Gala for the Global Ocean

Katy Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Katy Perry is pregnant & happy she doesn't have to SUCK IT IN anymore!
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