Melanie Taylor

Bubba and Melanie Freaked Out When Chazz Palminteri Walked Into The Studio

Listen and find out why he was here
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They Have Golden Girls Halloween Costumes

I am so ON board for wearing Halloween costumes that are the Golden Girls!
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Old Jack-O-Lantern in a compost bin

It Is October and Pittsburgh Made Jimmy Kimmel

David and Celina make it on Jimmy Kimmel!
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Deliver DiGiorno Pizza For National Pizza Month

#DeliverDiGiorno & you may be getting some FREE pizza!
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Reese Is A Tik Tok Star Now

Reese Witherspoon learns TIK TOK from her son Deacon. Love this!
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Sexy Mister Rogers Halloween Costume

PHOTOS: Mister Rogers Costume That Has Pittsburgh Mad

Mister Rogers Halloween costume model is getting hate.
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El Camino Trailer Drops

El Camino trailer has dropped with Aaron Paul!
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Pittsburgh's Own Billy Porter Wins Emmy

Pittsburgh's own & Bubba's classmate makes history winning an Emmy!
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Wearable Chairs Cannot Be Real But They Are

A wearable chair? I mean come on! I can't even with this new tech idea!
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Lizzo Thinks Her Food Driver Ate Some Of Her Food

Lizzo feels her food delivery driver ate some of her food.
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